Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hey Yall! This post is a little late isn't it? LOL! Well sometimes life goes by faster than we realize! Anyways, Happy New Year! Time for resolutions and new beginnings right? I remember this very time last year... I had resolved to lose weight, exercise, eat healthy, and be the best me I could possibly be! Challenging myself to be supermom, wife, and everything in between was just a setup for a big downfall. At the end of 2014 I hadn't lost the weight, exercised enough, or anything else I said I would do. So as far as resolutions, I thought I had failed. Like every year earlier I began to beat myself up about it and then tried to conveince myself 2015 would be the year I accomplished all my goals. I remember writing a post on facebook about how I never really messure up to all the demands I place on myself. My friends were supportive and left comments saying everyone feels that way sometimes. One person in particular told me to remember all my blessings and concentrate on all the positives of 2014. As I started to think back through year something hit me. I am sooooo blessed! Blessed beyond measure! I have a wonderful husband who loves me. He provides our family with everything we need. I have a beautiful daughter who can make me smile without saying one word. I gave birth to an adorable baby boy who is completely healthy and happy. I have all the material things that I need. I have a renewed faith which makes all things possible! This year as everyone else is making resolutions, I'm not...I'm just being thankful for what I have and what's to come. It doesn't mean that I wont strive to do and be better this year. It just means that I wont be so hard on myself. I challenge you this year to count your blessings! Don't be the first to find the bad or not enough in something. Be the first to notice what you allready have! How do you find joy in your now? What helps you stay positive? I love feedback so don't forget to leave a comment!