Friday, January 23, 2015

You Can Organize It: Kid's Closet

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Hey yall! Do your kids ever struggle to find that certain shirt or favorite pair of rain boots? Do you ever find yourself rambling through their closets for hours on end looking for something that still fits them? I use to experience this kinda scenario all the time! That is until I figured out the secret to keeping my sanity...ORGANIZATION! It will be so easy to keep your childs closet maintained if you just take a little time to get it organized. So are you ready to dive in and learn just how to do that? Ok, here we go!

You are going to need a plan of sorts to start. What is it exactly that you want to accomplish? For example, I wanted to declutter and organize my daughters closet. Once you have your goal then you can plan out what you will do to achieve it. I decided to take everything out so I could actually see what I was working with. I placed like items with like items, looked them over for any defects, and then separated out the clothes and shoes that were now too small. This was a good time to put the clothes that were no longer needed in a bin for resale or donation. Next I had to plan out the way I wanted things to look in her closet. We have just one top rod in my daughters closet. If you are working in a tight space like me, I suggest investing in shelf closet organizers. You can find them practically at any store. The sunbeam 10 shelf closet organizers pictured below are from Amazon and are currently $12.94. They are nice because they give you extra space and come in various fun colors. You can purchase them through my affiliate link below.

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I placed the shelf organizer in the middle of the rod. This gave the illusion of having two separate places to hang clothes which I loved! Next I hung coats and shirts on the left side. I hung skirts and pants on the right side. This makes it pretty easy for kids to pick one item from each section to form an outfit. Now for the bottom of the closet we used a couple of folding storage bins to keep socks, under garments, and leggings in. The River Ridge bins pictured below can also be found at Amazon and are currently $11.90 for a set of two. They also come in various cute colors as well. You can purchase them through my affiliate link below.

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That is pretty much all I did to organize my daughters closet. This really didn't take up to much time. I was also able to declutter some of her clothing she no longer uses and turn it into cash through resale! It was a win win situation! I hope this inspires you to take a good look at organizing your kid's closet. Try not to get overwhelmed and remember once you have a place for everything it will be easier to keep things organized. Have fun! I would love to see what you come up with and hear about any helpful hints you may have!