Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Home Management Binder Series Part Two

Hey yall! Thanks for joining me for part two of the home management binder series! Are you ready to learn more about what you need and how to set up your own binder? Well have a seat and take some notes cause here we go! The things you need for your binder will vary from person to person. It really depends on how in depth you want to get into creating and personalizing it. A good basic list consists of a binder, page dividers, page protectors, dry erase markers, post it notes, insert pages, and pens. Before you set up your binder you are also gonna need to plan out what to include inside it. This will also vary from person to person because everyone will have different topics and subtopics that are important to them. My favorite way to plan out my binder subjects is to take out a sheet of paper and sort of brainstorm all the the broad topics I want to include. I came up with five main categories. These categories consist of Important Contact Info, Calendars and To Do Lists, Finance, Meal Planning, and Maintenance. Within your categories you will need to plan out your subcategories. For Example, In Important Contact Info I included phone numbers and addresses of friends and family, emergency contacts, medical information, insurance information, utility provider information, and account log in information. You will go through each of your main categories and break them down into smaller ones like this. Don't worry if your subtopics are different than mine. There is now wrong way to do this. When you are finished with category planning you are going to need insert pages. There are many FREE PRINTABLES that you can find online via web searches, pinterest, and other blogs. You can also make your own if you are willing to spend some time learning how. I would suggest youtube and picmonkey if you wanna go that route. If you dont wanna put the time into searching for free printables , you can always purchase them from various blogs or an etsy shop. After you get your insert pages you are ready to begin putting things together!

So how do you set up your home management binder? It's simple you organize, categorize, and insert your pages. This is the fun part! All your creativity gets to come out here. You can decorate your binder, add a printable cover or make your own, fill in pages that you need to write information on, insert your pages into the protectors, Organize and insert your category and subcategory pages, add dividers, and you are pretty much done. The possibilities for customization are endless! As time goes on you will find yourself inserting new pages and information into your binder. It will grow and grow and may even become as important to you as one of your family members! I will be doing one more post in this series about resources for home management binders. I will include helpful links and videos to various information like free printables, paid printables, and tutorial videos. So don't forget to check in next Tuesday for the last post in the home management binder series. I hope you are able to take this information and make your own awesome home management binder. I would love to see your blog links, pics, and more in the comment section below!